Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Santa...

This year could very well be the last year that Joseph believes in the guy in the red suit. He has a friend that has never believed and has been working on him lately. Kinda makes me mad, but what can I do? Well, actually, I told him that not believing was their choice, but our family chooses to believe. (even Mommy and Daddy)Then I showed him Polar Express. (o: So, just in case this is the last year, I wanted to document their letters to Santa. We bought special stickers just for the letters. Joseph and Spencer wrote theirs on their own. Connor dictated to me what he wanted said then signed his own name. I thought they were so cute! Our boys only get one thing each year from Santa. I feel very blessed that they don't get the "gimmes". They have never wondered why they didn't get more. (this may not last, but for the time being, I will appreciate it) So, without further ado...letters to Santa.
Joseph made a mistake and had to cross a word out. He was upset about it and wanted to start over, but I assured him the Santa wouldn't count it against him.

Notice how Spencer, our future engineer, has his letter in a perfect square in the corner of the page. And he took forever lining up where he wanted his stickers to go. So precise!

Connor tried to hold the pen while I wrote the letter, but gave up half way through.

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