Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Elizabeth

Yesterday I went in for another baby appointment. I also had an ultrasound to make sure that she is growing properly. She is already 4 pounds 7oz. First thing the tech said was that she had hair. That made me very happy for a few reasons. One reason is because I was raised in a family where the babies all had full heads of hair. A bald baby just doesn't look right to me. I've had 3 children so far and only one didn't have hair. Well, actually, Spencer had a bit of hair when he was born but it fell out almost immediately. He was pretty bald for about a year. Joseph had tons of brown hair and Connor had black hair. I'm eager to see what Elizabeth has. The other reason is because it makes all the heartburn worth it. What? You don't know that old wives tale? It's 100% true. At least in my experience of 4 children. My nurse had never heard that, but said she wasn't surprised. If you have lots of heartburn when you are pregnant, that means your baby will have lots of hair. I've been suffering and now they say she has hair. See? I'm right about this. I remember not suffering much with Spencer. I'm telling ya, it's true.

So, her head looks good, heart looks good, lungs look good and kidneys look good. Relief! Joseph had cyst things in his brain and Connor had bad kidneys. All were told to us during ultrasounds, so it was nice to hear she is perfect so far. Phew! Now I'm about ready to explode from anticipation. I REALLY want to just skip this month and get to January! But, since I can't do that, I am having lots of fun doing Christmas things with the boys. We are going out today to buy a couple of cheap strand of lights so they can hang some in their rooms. That will be lots of fun. We are going to make a paper nativity scene for our art wall tonight as well. I love the boys Christmas spirit. I'm really lucky. They are not really into the material things like presents as much as they want to listen to Christmas music and bake cookies to take to friends and put up the tree and look at the lights. It really makes for a fun holiday.

Okay, better run. Connor just informed me he had an accident and it's getting all over! I love being a mom!!!!


Rachael said...

I totally believe that wives tale too. Congrats on the hair! It seems that much sweeter when a baby girl has hair.

Jamie said...

I happy to know that everything going good. that is allway a good thing to hear. We are so happy foryou guys. we love you