Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Weather

I don't think I need to post a picture. You have all seen snow before, right? If I were down in Vegas, then I would put a picture of the snow. (did you see that it really did snow there?) ( warming???) Seattle and the towns close to it were in what they called a "doughnut hole" yesterday. Everyone around us got lots of snow, but we had nothing. We took the boys into Seattle so they could see the giant star on the Macy's building and check out the window displays etc. We got home and there were reports of snow everywhere, but not in Kent. Got up this morning and there was a nice little layer of the white stuff. I'd say about 1/2 inch, maybe more. Enough for the Kent School District to poop their pants and cancel school. (can you hear the children cheering?) Travis headed to work at 6:30 this morning. He got there okay. Funny how he gets to work every time, even when it's snowing, and half of work can't come in. He's a dedicated man. Anyway, that's the really exciting news around these parts. It's been really really cold as well. It hasn't gotten out of the 30's, or even close to it, for almost a week now. I know all you Idaho/Utah people are laughing at all the drama here, but it's usually so mild here. They canceled school in Seattle yesterday cause they thought it would be snowy. (and it wasn't) We usually are happy with a couple of days of snow and the rest of the winter just looking at cold rain. My kids don't even own heavy coats with mittens and knit caps.

Okay, moving on. Yesterday I went in for my doctor apptmt. I am now about 34 weeks. (I lose track these days. It just feels like eternity!) All things looked good. Even my blood pressure. My OB/GYN is so awesome. We've had him since I got pregnant with Joseph. He's such a great doctor. He got married right after I had Connor and they are now expecting their first baby. She's 12 weeks along and he showed me his baby's first ultrasound picture! It was so cute. He's so excited, he's giddy. He told me that Elizabeth is for sure going to be more in the 8 pound range instead of little like Connor, but if I went a couple weeks early, that would be good. So, mid January, I'll be walking everywhere, and if you see a crazy person driving back and forth over the train tracks, pay no mind, it's just me. (o:

Gotta go pick up the place. My visiting teachers are coming this morning and it looks like an atomic bomb blew up in my living room. I would normally wonder if my guest were going to cancel because of the snow, but one of my vt's lives below me. So, everyone have a happy Thursday!

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