Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day and Snow (still!)

So, Christmas was quite a success. The worst part of the whole day was that Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were snowed in and couldn't come over for Christmas dinner, and Grandma Teese and Grandpa Clair refused to drive up from Atlanta, but otherwise, we had a really great day. Thank you to all who sent gifts. Here are a few pictures of the morning and also of the SNOW. Travis took lots of pictures of the snow because he could not remember ever having a white Christmas before. On the news last night they said that since 1891, this is only the 10th!!!! white Christmas Seattle has had. Pretty amazing, eh? So, anyway, enjoy the pictures.
Joseph was beside himself with excitement. We had to make him stop tearing into things and go wake up his brothers.
Spencer was so excited to get his Mega City. He sat and studied the box for a long time.
Connor got his firetruck. (and yes, they make lots of noise)
The good daddy helping free the toys from their boxes.
Joseph's police car. He says, "he doesn't want to actually be a policeman when he grows up, but he likes police things because he admires the police and that his Uncle Nate is a Deputy Sheriff, which he thinks is pretty cool."
Grandma Teese got everyone their own movie. We've never seen Kung Fu Panda. Spencer was excited to get it though. If it teaches my boys to be any more wilder (adding karate to our home), I'm sending them to you, Mom! (o:
We haven't seen Wall-e yet either, but Joseph really wanted it. They are out there watching it right now. Joseph is coming in and giving me blow by blow action reports.
Connor and Joseph love their loud, fancy new vehicles.
Ugh. This is cute of the kids. Not so cute of my 5 chins and gigantic belly! But, we had to include Elizabeth somehow. Right? I'll be so glad when next month arrives so she can arrive!
Elizabeth got her own box of adorable clothes and blankets. Thanks Mom!
Joseph helped Spencer assemble the Mega City in their room. They played in there together for literally hours. Connor was allowed to go in and watch, but not touch.
These two are really best friends!
And then, there is the snow....
This is a tree in the parking lot behind our apartment. Pretty isn't it?
This is our parking lot. There is ice under all that snow too. See Travis's cute little red '86 Ford Escort? That thing is falling apart, but is a workhorse! Gets him where he needs to go~even through all the snow.
That concludes our photo story of Christmas morning. All of us are sick with colds except Travis, but we were still able to enjoy the holiday because we were together. I made a turkey and we ate until we all nearly slipped into a tryptophan coma and just enjoyed each others company. I believe it was one of the best Christmas's ever!


Rachael said...

How fun! This snow is Crazy!! The parking lot looks insane. The street we live in any better.

Shauna said...

I'm so glad you had a white Christmas! That's fun, although too bad that you were snowed in. I love the Christmas pictures. You look great and I'm very excited to see Elizabeth next month! WOOHOO!

~*~*HEIDI*~*~ said...

Great pictures. I am so excited for you to finally get your girl! I can't wait to see pictures. I hope all goes well.