Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Yesterday we worked on some fun Christmas crafts. We made pomanders, homemade wassail mix, glittery snowflakes, and glittery pine cones, and soup mix. (the mix will be a gift) The boys had a lot of fun. We made a huge mess with little pieces of paper and glitter and cloves everywhere, but it was a lot of fun and the boys were very proud of what they did. Here are some pictures of our projects.
Here they are making their pomanders. They poked the holes with big nails and then filled them with the cloves. Our whole place smelled great last night. (notice our poor table? That's what we get for having very creative kids that like to do art and also homeschooling at it. We are sooo getting our money's worth on that table)
Here are all of the final products. The jar of powder is the wassail mix. Very yummy! The bean jar is a soup mix for Travis's parents. They love beans in a crock pot, so the boys layered different types of beans to make them look pretty.Close up of the pomanders and the pine cones. Joseph and Spencer cracked me up because they had to make a face on theirs. They have the rest of the orange in the back covered in cloves, but the front have little faces. Connor was so excited that he showed me his orange after placing each individual clove. The pine cones are ones that Spencer, Connor and I gathered when we went on a walk back in September. They painted them with watered down glue and then glittered to their hearts content. I'll tell you, between the pine cones and the fancy snowflakes, our place sparkles!!!


Shauna said...

Ooo! I need to go buy cloves! Thanks for the ideas!

Katharine said...

You are such an awesome mom for thinking of these fun crafts. I am soooo not a crafty person and I know I am going to be the mom who buys everything pre-made. Halloween costumes, cards, cookies.. the works. Sigh... I'm already failing as a parent and the baby isn't even born yet!