Friday, December 12, 2008

Ward Christmas Party and snow!

Tonight I took the boys to our Ward Christmas Party. Travis had to work (he's closing and won't be home until 1am), so I braved it and went on my own with the boys. Had I had Elizabeth with me, I would have stayed home, but since I'm still conveniently carrying her inside instead of outside, I decided we would be okay. I signed up to bring a salad and heat one of the hams, so I was forced into going and not allowed to back out. (o: The boys were very well behaved. When other little kids were running around, mine stayed close by me, just like I asked. They ate a lot of yummy food and desserts. We had a lot of fun.

After the party, we went outside to find a snow/rain/slush/whatever had fallen and was still falling. It was very cold and wet! We drove to Covington, and, as promised, I drove the boys through a couple of neighborhoods where the lights are always awesome. We sang along with the Christmas music on the radio (and they actually sang the right words to Winter Wonderland instead of the naughty version they heard on the radio with Daddy~you know, instead of walking in a winter wonderland, the song says, walking 'round in womens underwear~I KNOW! I was appalled myself!) But anyway, we sang loudly and oohed and aahhed over the lights then went to Kohl's to visit Daddy. Just as we were pulling in, he called me and asked where we were. When he found out we were there, he ran out to the car, hopped in, and we all got to go with him on a little trip to the grocery store. He apparently got elected to do a coffee/icecream run for the breakroom for the weekend. It was fun getting to go with him and help him spend the company's money. Then we dropped him off and slid all the way home.

Once we got home, we all dressed in our clean, dry pj's and the boys snuggled on the couch with their blankets. I turned out all the lights except the Christmas lights and gave them each hot chocolate. We watched "Mickey's Christmas Carol", and then they all went to bed. That is where we are at right now. They went to bed, so I thought I would come in and post the pictures of tonight before I did anything else. So, with that being said, here are some pics of tonight...
Joseph, I think, is very photogenic. He does a good nice boy pose.
I had to take about 10 pictures of Spencer before I got this one. It's fairly decent. He LOVES pulling faces and being goofy when the camera is out.
Connor is just cute! He had so much fun being there tonight.
Like I said, Connor had fun. Look at Connor closely. See what he is doing? While we were waiting for them to start, he played with the foam cups. Such a goof ball!!
People coming in for the party. We ended up filling the entire gym. Lots of people, good food, and fun.
The primary kids sang a couple of songs for everyone. Here they are waiting for the songs to start. Nice skinny tummy Spencer has, eh?I thought this was so cute! They were singing Away in a Manger and Connor had his arms folded while he sang.
Santa came. The boys recognized him as "Brother Ramsey"!! He is our neighbor and manager of our apartments. I had told the boys when we first got there that the real Santa most likely wouldn't be there because he was sooo busy at the North Pole, so he has helpers that dress like him to help out. (that was the explanation I got from my parents the first time I recognized George Summers impersonating the big guy!) Joseph thought it was pretty funny that Devin was being Santa. His wife took a picture of the three boys with Santa, so as soon as I get it, I will be sure to post it. (I couldn't get a good angle of them all together)
That's it. Long post but very worth it! It was a great night and I'm really glad I took them. I was very proud at how well behaved they were and all the fun we had together. This was definitely one of those...I'm so glad to be a mom...nights.

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Shauna said...

I love the pictures of your boys. I think they are all photogenic. Can't wait to see what Elizabeth will look like! :)