Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School

I was too excited to post pictures to wait until tomorrow to report. Our first day of school was a huge success! We discussed patterns and sequencing, we practiced writing skills, we played a number game (to see how Joseph is doing with his numbers-answer-not so good), we discussed Renoir and his painting, "The Dancer", we painted self-portraits, we read a couple of new story books, and we read from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Joseph got really frustrated about half way through last year so I stopped. Today we picked up where we left off and he did stupendous! Spencer started the book this year and I had to make him stop on lesson 12! Connor was a very good little boy. He just played in the living room (made a big mess), and then when we moved to the living room for painting and reading, he went into our "classroom" (laundry room) and laid down for a rest on the table. (o: Tomorrow we are going to start learning about Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit (since he was a naughty little rabbit-I thought the boys might relate) and Thursday we are going to go on a "field trip" with Daddy to Seattle. The boys will have special assignments while we are out and about. Isn't this all so exciting??? Well, I think it is anyway. (o:

Below are a couple of pictures. The cutest ones of the boys with their paintings won't download, so I will have to figure that out and post them later.

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