Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

(first of all~I published this post and then looked at it~they made it all one giant paragraph! I would like to stress that I am not a poor writer nor did I have a brain fart in the early hours~Google made me do it!)

It's very early in the morning~before 6am. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not my time. I am a night owl. I could stay up all night and be fine. I've been staying up until all hours lately watching Ken Burns' new documentary, "The War". (I highly recommend it) But mornings~not for me. Once I am in bed and sleeping, I like to stay there. I am reminded of all those times (I think there were 3) when I drove from Rexburg Idaho to Provo Utah and then on to St. Louis Missouri. It would be a non-stop 28 hour drive for me. I was always with friends. The reason for the stop in Provo~it was my friends who had the vehicle or we were picking someone up. Imagine driving that many hours without sleep. Can I just say that by the time we hit St. Louis, we were singing some pretty silly songs and beginning to see little green men. (o: I loved it~fun memories.
Anyway, Travis has an opening shift, which means he has to be out of the door before 6. I get up with him and make sure he has everything he needs for the day. I have found that I can't go straight back to sleep, so I thought I would ramble a bit on my blog. (o: I was also working on refining my homeschool goals. In Washington state, we have to cover 11 subjects a year. It sounds like a lot, but since I don't have to do each subject each day, it's not bad. But, I didn't do a very good job in my planning and decided to take a closer look at and revamp my plan. Especially since Joseph has decided that numbers are his biggest enemy and completely shuts down at the mere mention of them. I told him that he at least needed to know his phone number and address~he refuses. He won't even learn the specifics of telling time because it involves numbers. I asked the advice of some seasoned homeschoolers. All of which advised me to not push him, be sneaky with getting some in here and there, and try again next year. Spencer, on the other hand, cries whenever I say no math or numbers in a day. That kid is going to have Travis and I passed up in the math department very quickly!
The boys are, however, excelling in their reading. They love words and are fascinated with being able to figure out what things say. They've cracked the code! It's so fun to watch them discover all the cool things that are out there~just by reading signs. They love reading all the signs when we go for drives. As you may know, we like going for drives, so they get plenty of opportunities to practice.
I've got some pictures below that are just some fun pictures. Sorry about the less than stellar quality of the one with them on the couch. That was Monday night after family home evening. They are eating their dessert. Please take notice of the CTR rings on their fingers.(the shiny dots) Spencer got one in Primary Sunday, so we had to drive up to Deseret Bookstore by the Temple and get each boy their own ring. (Can you believe they charge a whole dollar for those little metal things?) Then we have Travis's birthday cake~cute smile! Then Spencer. Travis took that one on Joseph's birthday. He is such a ham! Lastly, one of the boys playing with their trains next to Fluffy the guinea pig. (pay no attention to the messy room around them. I did my best to crop it out!) (o:

Have a super day everyone! Now I'm going back to bed. (o:

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