Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I turned 33! It's not that old, but it's not all that young either. (o: I desired to go to Seattle for my special day, so Travis (who had the day off) and I took the boys down to the waterfront. We walked all along the businesses and had some lunch at the ever-famous Ivar's. That fish is goooood! (and expensive) Then we walked back along the water, stopped in the specialty candy store and got some penny candy for the boys, then went up to good old Pike Place Market. Yes, they were throwing fish when we got up there. The boys were most intrigued by a little donut making machine. We watched it drop little circles of dough into hot grease (yuck!) and then when they floated to the top a conveyor belt caught them and spit them out into a big bowl full of sugar. Oh, the boys thought they were in heaven! So, I bought them a little bag of these little bits of heaven and they were happy.

After Seattle we went to Travis's parents home and had a little bbq and sugar-free pie. (since I stopped eating sugar) It was a lot of fun. Next~Joseph's birthday. I can guarantee there will be many many pictures from that day. That is the day that our new guinea pig will arrive!!!!
(yes, this picture of me was taken Saturday at the in-laws)
One of the many cool things you find on the waterfront in Seattle. (It's wood)

This is Mr. Ivar Haglund. He was the founder of the Ivar's fish bars. We have an Ivar's restaurant near our home, but nothing beats eating on the waterfront. And it's a rule that you must never eat all of your fries~you have to go out and feed the bagillions of seagulls that are watching you eat. (o:

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Shauna said...

Happy Birthday! You look so pretty in that picture at your inlaws. I love your hair. Glad you had a good day. I really want to visit Seattle one of these days. Love you lots.