Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joseph's Birthday!

I am finding that I have to give up on getting any pictures to come up that are decent size on the blog. It is only allowing me to bring up pictures in the small mode and then I am only getting about half of those even. Luckily I got a couple of pictures from Joseph's birthday to come up.
Joseph woke up to his favorite breakfast of pancakes. Only these weren't ordinary pancakes~no, these were birthday pancakes! Get it? (o: He thought that was pretty cool. Then, we skipped school-cause we could-and went to Grandma's house to pick her up. We had lunch at Taco Time (thanks grandma) and then went to the party store. Joseph picked some firefighting items to decorate with and then off we went to the pet store. Good old Petco had about a billion guinea pigs to choose from. We picked fluffy because he was one of the younger ones and because he is so colorful. (sorry about the stinky picture quality. The better photo wouldn't download-of course) We brought Fluffy home, got Little Caesar's pizza for dinner,(I know~we are the healthiest eaters around!) then opened presents. Joseph got some awesome clothes from Grandma Teese-including a Seahawks sweatshirt (GO Hawks!) and Cars pj's which he needed desperately. He also got some cool art stuff. Then his gift from his parents. We reluctantly bought him a dart gun. Not that we try to completely shelter our children, but we have never spoken about guns in our home. The kids have seen plenty of Civil War and WWII footage in our house to know what a gun is, but never have they wanted one. Until~the neighbor boys got them. Oh lovely. I just love other peoples kids sometimes. Joseph has picked up some lovely language from kids that he goes to church with too! Again~lovely!
Needless to say he was thrilled with his dart gun (his words) and has had a lot of fun shooting all the pictures in the house. Connor loves to shoot the thing as well, but Spencer would love nothing better than to throw the thing out the window. Kids are funny.
So, there you have Joseph's birthday in a nutshell. Oh, and we had cake and ice cream too. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came over for the event~even though all my family was invited, none of them wanted to travel thousands of miles for a dry piece of cake and sugar free ice cream. Go figure! (o:

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