Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Okay-I finally got the other pictures to come up. Blogger seems to be having a malfunction. They said I lost my cookies and everything! But, it all turned out good in the end~we can laugh about it now. (o:
Today was day 2 of our school. I went to Weight Watchers in the morning, so while I was gone, Travis did some reading with the boys, then I came back and we continued on. Once again they did very well. I can't believe how much difference a year can make. I remember last year at this time, I was really having a hard time trying to get them to listen to me, but they are actually showing enthusiasm this year. Thank goodness! Of course, it's only day 2, but, hey~I'll take all the good days I can get. (o:
Tomorrow we are going to go out to Seattle on our usual drive, BUT, it is now officially called a "field trip". I do have a Nature Notebook (Yay for Charlotte Mason!) and also a field trip notebook. Each boy will be given a small assignment while on our "field trip". They can't wait. The best part~Daddy will be with us!
I'll report in tomorrow!

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