Friday, September 28, 2007

A Night Of My Own

Last night our Ward had their annual "Sisters in White". Many of the sisters went to the Temple together and did different assignments. We were treated to dinner when we first arrived at the cafeteria. Had a very yummy asian chicken salad. Then we split up to our respective areas. I did a session. It was such a special night. I loved going and being with the sisters in the ward, but I have to say I really missed Travis. This was my first time without him~ever! We are going to have to go soon together to help me get over my withdrawls. It was also very nice to not have the kids with me. Aah, peace and quiet! (o: Travis had the day off, so he stayed home with the boys and they drew pictures, played in a sleeping bag, and made a giant traffic circle in our living room. It was a good night for everyone!

For those who keep asking~Fluffy is alive and well and growing! He loves to eat and poop and be held by everyone. So, thank you all for asking and we will try and get a picture of the little guy up asap.

That's all for tonight. I am still working on revamping my entire school year. I just keep finding really great stuff. The boys aren't protesting because their "school days" are consisting of watching "Magic Schoolbus" dvds, reading stories, and playing board games this week while I get it all in order. I have felt very blessed and guided in my planning for this new schedule. Don't know what I was doing this summer when I was doing my original plan, but I'm grateful that things are coming together.

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