Monday, October 1, 2007

Not Much

I wish I had some hilarious or earth shattering thing to write about today. I don't. I am in a haze, funk, whatever you want to call it, and am not sure how to get out. This leads to kind of a boring homelife. (o:

Today we had a lovely school day. We are beginning to discuss animal habitats, the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan cultures, putting spaces between the words we write, and learning some sign language. Oh, and we are covering a bit of a review from last year on the salmon cause they are all coming home to spawn. We are going to go on a field trip on Wednesday to the hatchery in Issaquah to see the salmon jump the ladder. The boys loved it last year. It is very fascinating. It's really too bad we can't snatch up one of those big suckers and bring him home for dinner! (o:

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to bake some homemade bread. Not something we really do much of. I love to bake, but bread is a lot of work! But, yesterday Travis had to work, so the boys and I were looking for something fun to do. We talked about yeast and then put it to work. Very interesting stuff. The boys were amazed that we can actually make bread like the people at the store sell. I tried to explain that not too long ago, everyone made their own bread because the stores didn't sell it. They refused to believe me. What would they do if I sent them over to my dear friend Shauna's house? The woman just canned a billion gallons of apples. And, since her family has specific food allergies, she makes all their bread! Amazing! Needless to say, the two loaves we made turned out fabulously and Joseph especially, was impressed. I think we are going to have to do some real life pilgrim living next month and see how they do.

Okay, that's all I have to say. I'm trying to pull myself together and get some things accomplished around the house. I hope you all have a super great week and I will be sure to post some pictures of the salmon and our field trip.

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Shauna said...

I would LOVE for you to send the boys over to my house, but I'd expect you to come along with them. I've decided that one of these days, we need to do a student exchange program. Well, only we'd all come and spend a week homeschooling with you. And then you could all come and spend a week homeschooling with us. Wouldn't that be fun!? Great job on the bread. I think it would be fun to have a unit on pioneers and try to live without electricity for a day or two. Wouldn't THAT be an experiment! Take care. Hope your funk passes soon.

Love you lots.