Sunday, October 14, 2007

Make Believe

Travis and I have always played a silly game of make believe when it's cold out. We love to get all snugly under blankets and pretend like we are in a little shack out in Alaska or somewhere else really cold. We are all warm and comfy in our little shack. Yes, even after 13 years of marriage, we still will see a little shack on tv, or a picture of one, and say,"Ohh, look, that's a perfect make believe shack!" I checked out a dvd on the amazing man, Dick Proenneke (see (the dvd is called "Alone in the Wilderness" & the book is called "One Man's Wilderness:An Alaskan Odessey") Dick lived in Alaska all by himself. He built himself a little cabin completely by hand with just a few hand tools. He recorded himself building the cabin and all the things that went in it. He lived there for 30 years. His home is now part of a National park. The boys were fascinated with this. They especially loved watching him build his fireplace. Let me tell you...that dvd and accompanying book gave me make believe fodder for weeks!

Why am I telling you all of this. (besides the fact that Mr. Proenneke is absolutely fascinating?) Well, all of the sudden, our boys have decided that make believe is a very important part of their lives. "Of course it is~they're kids!" I can hear you all saying this right now. Agreed. But, the way they are playing is what is so intriguing. You see, up until just recently, Travis and I have never told our kids about our little make believe. But, we are seeing patterns that we believe can only be nature instead of nurture. Surely! Joseph has been locking himself in the playroom in the evening with the little tv on, watching "The Polar Express", all snuggled up in a big blanket. When I went back to check on him, he said to please leave because he was doing make believe and when I go in the room, it's not cold and snowy anymore. HA! And the real kicker... Connor. Lately he has been opening up the refrigerator, then laying on the floor with a pillow and blanket and declaring that it's soooo cold~he needs his blankeys! Oh, and they almost always (all 3 boys) ask for hot chocolate at one point in their play. You see? These kids have inherited this desire.

Okay, okay, so most people like to be snuggled up on a cold night. Perhaps this isn't a really unusual make believe type of play. BUT~it's our favorite and it's very exciting to see that the boys enjoy it as much as we do. Do you understand the fun that we are going to have this winter? Last year the power went out in all of Seattle. For some like us, it was only 2 days. For others it was a week! It was December, snowy and cold! The kids loved all of the candles, flashlights, fires in the fireplace, and cooking on the grill. We read American Short Stories out loud to each other and played games with the kids in the dark. It was great fun, but very very cold. This winter, we now have plans to do the same thing as last year, only have the actual option of power if needed. (o:

I guess that it is Sunday afternoon, just had a big lunch, feeling a bit sleepy....that is why I am posting about such silliness. But, I ask you all...isn't that kinda what life is all about? Shouldn't we all be using our imaginations and creativity a little bit more? Isn't there enough yuckiness out there that being silly once in a while and having that escape is good for us? I think so. So, for all of you out there reading this. Go find something fun and silly to do that you normally wouldn't confess to the universe. Take a break from the bills and worries and take some happy time for yourself. I'm hoping that it will make you feel younger. It works for me.(o: And if you have the chance~look into Dick Proenneke's little cabin. You won't be disappointed!

Everyone have a super fabulous Sunday! I'll be back on Tuesday at the latest to report all the info. from Connor's 3rd Annual checkup.

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