Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Movie Starring Fluffy!

Hooray! I think I figured out how to put video on my blog. Happy day! The only thing is~I didn't actually think this would work, so the video quality is kinda poor, I hadn't vacuumed my floor, and since the kids were all in bed, it was quiet-EXCEPT for the Ken Burns "The War" documentary blaring in the background. (I highly recommend that documentary). So, please turn down your volume and so you don't have to listen to The War, and pretend like you are completely fascinated by our little guinea pig and just humor me while I am learning all these cool new tricks! Thanks

Here is a closeup of our little dear!

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Shauna said...

Great camera work! :) I still haven't figured out how to put movies on--I rely on Mike WAY to much in the technology department. I haven't read Charlotte Mason, but I'm going to. I have read A Thomas Jefferson Education and love the list of classics that they give at the end of the book. If you haven't read it (you probably have), I'd highly recommend it.