Monday, October 8, 2007

Connor's Birthday! (with a little Fluffy thrown in)

Saturday was Connor's 3rd birthday! I can't believe that my baby is 3! It doesn't seem fair that they stay small for such a short time. Connor was my favorite birth (if I'm allowed to have one) cause I went in on my own-no inducing. The labor and delivery were really easy! Anyway, today he had a fun day at home with the family. We watched College football (watching football is one of his favorite things to do) and then we had Grandma and Grandpa Nelson over for dinner. Again, we invited Grandma Teese and Grandpa Clair, but they declined. Too long of a drive just for chocolate cake. (only 3,000 miles-come on!)

Connor got lots of good loot including things like brand new Thomas shoes, lots of underwear and clothes, trucks, a helicopter, a train, cars, and a wooden garbage truck that we got to put together. (thanks grandma teese!) In all fairness though, I did say it was okay to get him the truck. I understood that some assembly was required, but had no idea it was that much! It took me 1 1/2 hours to complete, but it is one cool and sturdy truck and he loves it. I will put pictures at the end of the post that you may peruse at your leisure. (o:

In other news~Fluffy Visits Vet!~ We started to notice last week that the fur on the end of Fluffy's nose was going away and the skin was looking a little sore. So, we researched it on the net and everyone said it was probably mites that he picked up while in the pet store. Mites~something not recommended we treat ourselves. (like I'd know how anyway) So, today Joseph and I loaded little Fluffy up into a box and took him to the Vet. Joseph was a nervous wreck and barely made it through the exam. I thought for sure he would faint when they took a little skin and hair sample from Fluffy's nose. While we waited for results, he held Fluffy tightly and told him how much he loved him and what a brave guinea pig he was. Luckily, the pig didn't need any shots (Josephs ultimate fear)~instead we were given a nice and expensive treatment to take home. He did have mites, but mostly mite eggs. The treatments should take care of those. We came home and bleached out his cage, threw away all the wood chips cause they attract mites, spent an hour shredding newspaper for his new bedding, and made him a nice hiding house out of a plastic bucket instead of wood or cardboard to guarantee no mites will hang out. Needless to say~a happy ending for all. We now have paid out about a billion times more than we paid to get the thing. Oh well! (o: We still love him!

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