Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plans Delayed

We were planning to go get pumpkins on Tuesday, but those plans got delayed. We are now going on Friday. I was supposed to go to my Weight Watchers meeting today as well, but those plans got delayed. Why? Because Joseph's body decided that 98.6 wasn't a temp. it wanted to be at and climbed up to as high as 103 for a while. Poor kid just laid on the couch and whimpered. He has a small cold to go with it, but is beginning to look like he is on the mend. The fever was gone for several hours this morning. It's back this afternoon, but only a little one. I'm just praying that the other two don't get it and we can all have a good weekend.

Travis just sent me a msg that I may need to go in for my interview on Friday, so we'll have to see how that affects all of our plans. I told Joseph that if he took his meds and rested lots and got better that not only would we take him to get a pumpkin Friday, but we would also take him to Panda Express and let him try Chinese food. He saw it on tv once and has been bugging us about it ever since. He and I looked up recipes for Chinese Fried Rice a couple of weeks ago. We found a good recipe and cooked it for dinner one night. That satisfied him for a while, but he sees the Panda Express every time we go to Kohl's (it's next door) and he is determined to see for himself what is so great about it. He does, however, know that he doesn't like egg rolls. Travis and I love em and get them at the ever Chinese...Jack in the Box. (o:

As far as my job at Kohl' looks like I will probably doing the interview on Friday. I guess that the interview is a necessary formality and that the job is already mine. It's difficult to get me in for the interviewing and the orientation stuff because that is Travis's job and due to conflict of interest, he can't interview and train his wife, so they are having to improvise. (o: I'll let you all know how it all goes.

Gotta go. We have been working for almost a week now on a paper mache pumpkin. We have done 4 layers of newspaper and now we are going to paint it orange. We were thinking of making popcorn balls (isn't that an old traditional Halloween treat?) and putting them in the pumpkin then taking them to Kohl's to hand out to Travis's co-workers. Sounds like fun! We take a lot of food to those guys. Maybe that's why they are eager to hire me. Every once in a while Travis will come home and say that people are asking for some of Travis's wifes famous cookies. (I make snickerdoodles~pretty ordinary ones) I just don't think people bake anymore and a homemade cookie is a treat.

Anyway~babbling going on here. Later!

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