Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homemade Again?!

Last night the boys and I decided to make homemade pizza. We started with the dough~yeast and all. Joseph was disappointed that we didn't get to watch the dough grow big like when we made the bread, but thought it was hilarious watching me try to turn the dough to make a nice big even circle. (It was a circle in the end, but not even) I refused to toss it in the air because making homemade dough is a lot of work and if I dropped it on the floor and had to start over I would have been really mad. The boys helped put the toppings on. We did one little section of sausage for Daddy, and one little section of veggies for Mommy. The rest was cheese. They kept saying~more cheese please, more cheese please. The thing had almost a pound of the greasy yellow stuff when we got done. As soon as it came out of the oven, Joseph brings the camera to me. He wanted me to take a picture and send it to his Grandparents. So, see photo below. A giant circular artery clogging piece of yumminess!

In other news~Fluffy is doing very well and the neighbors downstairs finally complained to us about our noise. (we are on the 2nd floor) She said it was annoying that we ran around all day long and that maybe I should take my kids out more often. (I look out the window and it's pouring raining.) I'm sorry that we are too noisy for your liking, but don't ever tell me how to parent my children! These are people who have two tiny kids. One goes to preschool half a day. So, she sits at home in silence and listens to my kids walk around all day. Maybe she should get out more. We chatted with the apartment manager and explained that we do try to not be annoying. We have rules~no jumping from couches, tables, beds etc onto the floor, no slamming doors, and after 7pm, no running around or wrestling. Umm, we homeschool, so we are kinda home more often. Homeschooling. Plus, Connor never learned to walk. He went straight from crawling to running. Our apartments are privately owned. Two buildings. (I love them!) Our little complex is FULL of small children. (over half are Mormons) (o: (Our apartment manager is our ward's Elders Quorum President.) So~our manager, Devin, laughed when we told him about this cause he tells everyone who wants to move in that there are LOTS of kids in the complex and they have to promise to be tolerant of kid noise. He informed these people we had 3 boys and then took them downstairs and had them listen to us before they decided to move in. They said it was very reasonable~no big deal. Not too long ago, Devin asked how things were and they said fine and even complimented us on how quiet we are in the evenings around bedtime. So, what's the deal now?

I know I am putting way more into this than needs to be, but to have someone come up and tell me that my kids are annoying (that's only MY job), and that I need to be taking them out more to run around~that really ticks me and Travis off. I even asked her what time of day she naps her kids so that I can do quiet activities with my kids during that time. She said, "Well, in the afternoon, but your kids are annoying all day!" Well, thanks a lot. I think they need to go get a house! By the way. The 11 year old boy above us is learning to play the drums! We've never complained cause they warned us he was going to do it and because we understand that we live in an apartment!

Anyway~enough of that. You should never tell me I'm annoying when I have PMS. (o: I feel better now that I have vented to the entire internet universe. I better go. We are going to take cookies to Travis and his co-workers. Gotta take my kids out more often you know. (o:

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