Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bert, Pictures, and Shots

Bert the guinea pig is not my friend! At least not today! We went out to the doctor and when we came home, he had this picture and the little homemade picture frame that I had made, in his cage and this is what my picture looked like!
Notice the bite marks at the top. The scratch marks on Travis, and the lovely water dots!!! I loved this picture. I'm not sure how it got into his cage. It was on the bookshelf above his cage earlier and probably just accidentally got knocked down into his cage, but couldn't he have just left it alone? Didn't he realize that this was a picture of a very important event in my life? This was our second date. We were at Ricks. We went to the Caberet formal dance thing. That's the night (we'd been dating a week), when I realized that Travis was the love of my life and I didn't want to be with anyone else...ever! It took 3 more long weeks before he proposed, but this night was it for me. Weren't we so cute? And young? And skinny?

Okay, I feel better. Now, on to doctor news. Joseph and Connor had their physicals today. Spencer went along so that he could enjoy a flu shot along with his brothers. Connor is very healthy and looks pretty perfect. He's in the 92% for height and weight. He's the size of a 5 1/2 year old and he's just 4, but that is pretty normal for our kids. The kidney doctor he has gone to for his whole life just retired, so our doctor gave us a recommendation of a new doctor we could go to, but they think that he is doing just fine. So, we will schedule one last ultrasound (we hope) for his kidneys and then call him 100% perfect! (except that he can be a turd once in a while)

Joseph was in the 55% for both height and weight. He's evened out a lot the last couple of years. He's more in the normal size range instead of being at the top of the curve. He was also quite healthy. The doctor wants to do x-rays on his back next year to see just exactly what is missing. They say he's missing one vertebrae, but the gap seems big, so we will have him checked. Doctor reiterated that sports needed to be limited to running and swimming. I also asked about Joseph's feet. They kind of turn in a bit. He said some people just have feet like that. Oddly enough, fast runners have feet that turn in. So, maybe this will be of benefit to him, since running is going to probably be his sport. (o:

All three boys got flu shots (thanks a lot mommy!), and Connor got 4 others. They were all brave and got treats from the treasure box when they were done.


Shauna said...

Ooo! Ooooo! I'll trade you your guinea pig for my psycho dog! Deal? I think it's a totally fair trade. Trust me. No, really, trust me!

Katharine said...

Oh no! I would be so upset! Poor piggie though, they don't have the biggest brains! But I love the picture, you two are so cute together and look so in love!!!!!

TaCalone said...

sorry kids, but those pigs remind me of rats and you know how much grandma teese loves rats!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!
love you most