Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Week?

Wow, time does fly! I didn't realize it's been a week since I wanted to murder the guinea pig. He still lives and we still love him by the way.
Saturday we took hamburgers and hotdogs over to Travis's parents house and watched the Apple Cup. What a sad, sad game to have to watch. Let's see, Washington lost so they are 0-11 for the year and WSU won, so they are 2-9 I think. Whoopee! Barn burner! But, it gave us an excuse to go to Grandma's and play with her legos and eat bad food. (o:

Also this weekend we heard there was a little snow up in the mountains, so we took the boys up to Snoqualmie to play in the snow for a bit and just have a nice drive. We had to go all the way up to the summit to find the snow, but we had some fun for a bit. Well, Joseph and Travis had lots of fun. Connor enjoyed it for a while, but then started to get cold and Spencer loved it for 5 minutes. Then he got hit with a snowball (thanks Daddy!) and he hated the rest of the time there. He wanted to read his SIM City 4 instruction manual instead, so that's what he did in the car. First thing Travis did was take a family picture, though, so here it is.
This is when we first got there. Spencer enjoyed it at first.
Connor had Travis make him snowballs to throw. He was very proud of them all. Then he threw them at us. (o:I couldn't get a single clear picture of Joseph because he was running like a crazy person having a blast, so here are all of them having a good time. (glad we got the family picture at the beginning.)

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