Sunday, November 9, 2008

I thought of something funny

Yesterday Connor drew a line on the top of his foot. Then he put a pink rubber glove on his foot, over the drawn line. Then, he hopped around the apartment for half an hour while he played. After the half hour, he sat down beside me, pulled the glove off and exclaimed, "Look Mommy, my cracked foot is all healed!" He had been watching the Curious George dvd where George breaks his leg and has to wear a cast. I couldn't get him to put the glove back on his foot (it was HEALED) so I didn't get a picture, but it was pretty cute and kinda funny. Connor can be my biggest challenge, but also my greatest form of entertainment.

Today we did a dry run for the Primary program that the kids will be doing next Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Saturday they are going to have a dress rehearsal of sorts in the chapel, but today it was in the Primary room. The kids didn't like having to sit still and sing the same songs over and over for two hours, but they did a pretty good job. I was so proud of Joseph and Spencer for getting up and reading their parts. They read very well. Connor did a good job repeating his lines as his teacher gave them to him. I can't wait to see how they are when they have the microphone and an audience. I know they will be okay, because my boys are very rarely shy. Plus, I am hoping that Grandma and Grandpa Nelson will be there. I'm more worried about them showing off than being shy. (o: So, anyone who wants to come is invited. I know you are all buying your plane tickets right now.

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