Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mr. Rogers and Halloween

First I have to start off with a picture I took of Connor the other day. He brought me one of his dad's ties and asked me to tie it for him. (yes, I know, I suck at tying ties) Then he put on his shoes and announced to everyone that he was ready to go. When asked where exactly he thought he was going in his underwear, tie and shoes that were on the wrong feet he replied, very matter of factly, "To Mr. Rogers Neighborhood!" When asked why he said, "Because I want to." Okay Connor, if you want to go there, be our guest. It's funny that he's my only child that took to Mr. Rogers. When I was in college one of my professors went to a conference and heard Mr. Rogers speak. She said he was the most kind, genuine person she had ever met. He was a rare one that's for sure. I always loved him, despite my mother's eye rolling. The best was my sister Jamie being in love with him. She would check out his records (as in vinyl) from the library and listen to him sing. Good times. (Jamie, remember "I really wanna marry my mom!"?) Anyway, I thought it was really cute and of course, we didn't let him go because, one, Mr. Rogers is dead, and two, he would have caught cold in his underwear. (o:Next, just a couple of pictures from the Trunk or Treat. Travis had to work Friday so we didn't quite make it to the chili part, but did make it for the dessert and candy part. (o: The boys had a cookie and ran around the gym with the kids for a while, then paraded around the gym showing off their highly original costumes. After the kid parade we went outside and loaded up on goodies. Then, we drove home, I dropped off Travis, three little boys, and three buckets of candy, and went to work. They did very well. We decided they could choose 5 pieces of candy and then Daddy put their buckets away. Didn't want anyone puking and the kids actually agreed to it. So, it all worked out in the end except I wasn't home with them.

Here they are at the church. Connor didn't like wearing the hat, but wore it outside cause he wanted candy and thought he had to be dressed up to get it.

Joseph and Spencer.
This was just a really funny picture. The missionaries were there and dressed up like the Blues Brothers. Travis told them they were his favorite. He said they never did anything like that when he was on his mission.
That's all I have to report. We had a good time, the kids got some junk food and time to play with other kids, and we can put another Halloween under our belt. I'm excited for next Halloween cause I will have a little girl to dress up. What will she be? A princess, a fairy, a witch? I can't wait!

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