Monday, November 17, 2008

This Weekend

We had a kinda busy weekend. For us anyway. Saturday Travis got called in to work for 4 extra hours. Yahoo! (Not overtime by the way, but still..) He went and did that and then when he came home we loaded the kids up and went to Seattle. Joseph has been asking to go inside the King Street Train Station for a while. They are fixing it up and seeing them do the fixing piqued his curiosity. So, we paid a dollar to park at a meter and took them inside the station.
It is in serious need for repair. There is some gorgeous work inside. Like the picture below, but it's all falling apart.

Anyway, we went in there and the boys got to see some trains. Then, since we had time left on our meter, we just walked around a couple of the city blocks, looking into windows of the shops. It was so funny to watch people watch us. Here in Liberal Wacko Seattle, the people acted totally shocked at our "gigantic" family. Three boys and a pregnant mom! We are going to burn! (at least that's what the Seattle people think) Then we got in the car and drove around, looking at the city in the dark. (cause by this time it was 4:30pm and the sun had gone down.) The city is so pretty at night!

Oh, and we took a family picture in front of our beloved (but sucky this year) Seahawks Stadium. (It's called Qwest Field)

After our trip to Seattle, we came home for a nice relaxing evening together.

Sunday was Travis's mom's birthday. It was also the Primary Program at church. Travis's folks came to watch the boys sing and say their parts. It was a really nice program. The boys did great. Connor was the first little one to speak. His teacher told him what to say and he got right up there and said he line, holding onto the microphone and speaking as clear as mud. (Travis said he was speaking in tongues) But, he got up in front of, what? 200 people? and didn't hesitate at all. Spencer got up, read his line loudly, and then added a nice loud "really!" to the end. He's the only kid that got a laugh from the congregation. (don't know if that's good or not) Joseph was towards the end. He walked up by himself because he was the only one in his class that spoke. He read his part, paused, looked at his dad and grandparents, gave them a grin and a thumbs up and then went back to his seat. It was pretty cute.

Speaking of cute...Connor, instead of singing the songs that he knows and loves, was busy most of the time trying to conduct the music to the congregation. We said it's a good thing he's cute cause otherwise, he's just a little turd!

After church we had dinner at our house to celebrate Mom Nelson's birthday. They stayed for a while and we had a great time visiting.

So far this morning I have already gone up to one of our local Elementary Schools and judged some art that is in the Reflections contest. One of our friends is on the PTA for that school and she called and asked if I could help judge. It was actually kind of hard, because I could see the effort that the kids all put into each piece. But it was a fun little thing to do.

I am now getting ready to go and teach the boys all about Squanto and do some spelling. Tomorrow Joseph and Connor have their annual checkups, so I'll fill you all in on how they came out tomorrow.

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