Sunday, April 22, 2007

Civil War Hospital

I mentioned that Connor has been sick. Apparently it wasn't meant to just be him. Friday night Travis came home from work and pretty much passed out on the floor~sick as could be with the stomach flu. It was bad. Then, about 3 hours later, it hit me. Not good to have the mom and the dad sick in a family. Couple of hours after that Joseph started crying-threw up in bed. So, before 5am, 4/5 of the Nelson's were down. Spencer was our hold out. I had him sit quietly on the love seat with a bucket and some towels. I told him to watch tv and read stories because we were all sick. About noon he was using his bucket~the circle was complete! Travis looked around our living room and said, "This place looks like a civil war hospital." Joseph had a bed on the floor, Connor had some cushions and blankets, Spencer and I were each on a couch. Blankets, buckets, Gatorade, and Ritz crackers were everywhere. I guess it did look a bit hospitalish. Too bad we were all too sick to get the camera and take a picture. That would have taken too much energy and we had to conserve our energy for crawling to the bathroom. (o: Travis's parents were kind enough to drive up and bring supplies ie. Gatorade, Tums, 7-Up, Ritz Crackers. They brought the stuff, dropped it and ran. Can't say I blame them. (o:

Needless to say that today we are all feeling much better than before. Travis was able to go to work today (yesterday he didn't go in). I think he feels the best of the bunch, followed closely behind by Connor who has had the longest time to recover. The rest of us are mostly tired and a bit queasy. Travis was helping me yesterday try to get a substitute for my calling in church. I am the Ward Sacrament Chorister. He had a harder time than we thought. The first guy he called was in bed with the same thing. The Sister that we did get said she had this just 3 weeks ago and my "boss", the ward music coordinator, said her family had it just a couple of weeks ago. It hits hard, but they say it doesn't stick around. So, I'm wondering, did we get this from going to church??? Hmm, those Mormons! (o:

I think I am going to go question Spencer on what he would like to have for his birthday. I already know that he is going to request stoplight everything, but I'm hoping that if I quiz long enough, I might get a different and easier to obtain (meaning purchase) answer.

Everyone have a super Sunday!

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Shauna said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick!! That's awful! I bet it was a good photo op, though. :0) Thanks for posting and sending all the pictures of your family. I love seeing everyone. It's hard to believe that we're all adults with families of our own. Your parents are so cute. They sure haven't changed much over the years. Here's to hoping that you are all feeling better soon.