Friday, April 20, 2007

Had Better Nights

Connor ended up throwing up all day yesterday and had a very high fever all through the night. Travis gave him a blessing of comfort before he went to bed. Connor ended up sleeping on my lap on the couch the whole night~fitfully I might add. I stayed awake most of the night putting wet cloths on his head and with a bucket at the ready in case of any "yuckies" as the kids call puking. (o: He threw up once more this morning and has actually been walking around acting sort of normal today. He has his potato, bug and blanket right now. That's a good sign. Wondering what those are? Well, his blanket is just that. A fleece blanket that my mom made him. He likes the little tied off pieces on the sides. The potato is also just that. He likes to go get a potato out of the kitchen and carry it around. So far we haven't lost one~we try to keep track of that. His bug, well, that's a funny story...

(Warning-this might be kinda gross to invision) Travis got a little knot in his armpit hair a few months back. (don't ask how-I have no idea) So, he cut it off. It fell to the floor and he couldn't find it, and was in a hurry, so he left it. Later in the day Connor followed me into the bathroom. Being much closer to the floor than the rest of us and having much better eyesight as well, he spotted this little knot of hair instantly. Only, when he picked it up he said in a very sweet little voice, "Hi bug! It's okay bug, come on." Soooo cute! He carried the thing around for an hour talking to his little "bug". I realized it was important so I dug up a baby food jar and that has been the bug's home ever since. I think we have had the thing for about 4 months now. Kinda weird, but his affection for the "bug" is very cute. We all play along, including his brothers, telling him how nice and sweet his little bug is. Here is a picture of him showing us his bug.

In other family news, as I posted yesterday, we began work on a Stoplight Store for Spencer. Here is a kinda cute picture of him deciding which pictures of street lights he wanted to display in his store. (please pay no attention to the messy room)

Also, we watched a Magic School Bus video about trappers and how spiders are natural trappers. The boys got a Charlotte's Web spider from Wendy's a while back, so Joseph wanted to make a web for her to trap the fly that he made. (see center of web in picture) He wanted me to add the picture of our fabulous web.

I think that will do for the day. Connor is starting to look not so great again. Travis is closing again tonight. I baked some cookies today for the boys and sent a bunch to work with Travis. They were chocolate chip, peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Healthy and yummy, but 2 points a piece. Did I mention they were yummy? And 2 points a piece? I could easily eat my daily allowance in one sitting with those puppies, so I sent lots of them away so Travis's coworkers can get fat off them instead. (o: Hope you are all having a super fabulous week!

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