Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sick Kids

I mentioned the other day that the kids were sick. Well, they still are. Connor actually woke up this morning worse off than he has been all week. The poor kid is soooo pale! Now, if you can say that our kids look pale-that's pretty bad, cause you can see through our kids on a sunny day when they are not sick! It's been 6 days since they started to not feel well. Doctor Christopher always says, give 'em 10 days and then worry. It's mostly just runny noses, but Connor is throwing up today. I think it's just all of the mucus that is draining in his tummy. He won't eat or drink, so we are just letting him lay on the floor with his Pooh blanket and watch Thomas the Tank Engine. I think he's actually asleep right now. Best medicine.

Yesterday we went up to Issaquah with Grandma Nelson. We had lunch and then drove around the town. It's so much busier these days than just a few years ago. I can't believe how fast things are growing around here. We drove by Issaquah's little train museum depot, but it is only opened on the weekends, so we came home. Probably a good thing considering how the kids are still feeling. Joseph told me yesterday that he really needs to go to the Train Museum in Snoqualmie for a field trip again next school year. Sounds like fun to me.

Travis has the day off, so we have been taking Joseph and Spencer out in shifts today to get them out of the house and still keep Connor in. I took Spencer for a little ride and we went to Wendy's and got everyone a cheeseburger. Travis and Joseph are out at the library right now. There is a little man made pond next to the library that a few mallard ducks hang out at. Joseph always takes a few slices of bread to feed the ducks. He claims that they would starve without his bread, so we don't argue. That child has got an extremely tender heart for animals-especially baby animals. Well, he loves all babies-human too. He has gotten more than one compliment from people at church saying how gentle and sweet he is to their babies. Feels good to know that we have kind hearted children.

Spencer just informed me that I am slacking on my stop light duties, so I better get going. Spencer loves traffic lights and signs like no other. Yesterday Joseph made him a fancy open/closed sign and we printed simple stoplights for Spencer to color and decorate and then today they are going to open "Spencer's Stoplight Store"! Very exciting. I love it when they play together nicely.

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