Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recovery is Sweet!

I do believe that we are all feeling much better. There are still some rumblings in some tummies, but nothing like what we were experiencing. Travis told me last night that after having the whole family sick at once made him appreciate wellness. He said that the problems that we have seem much more manageable being well than thinking about our problems and feeling totally crappy. I must agree.

I thought I would post a couple of pictures that I thought were funny. The first ones are of Joseph. I took the one of him yesterday when I noticed how skinny he has gotten just after three days of not eating anything but toast and Gatorade. I really wish that could happen to me. Then the other is of him in the tub a couple of weeks ago. He thought he would "explore" under the water with goggles. Problem was that those are his dads eye protectors (Travis wears them when he tends his folks lawn). They are not designed for underwater exploration. After the first "dive" he discovered that the holes on the sides of the goggles presented a small problem, but he still had a blast all the same.

Then this one is Joseph and Spencer on Easter. They just looked cute playing together. When I said smile, they hugged each other.

The one of Connor is from General Conference weekend. I was listening to Saturday morning session on the computer. He came in and wanted to listen, so I let him listen to the Tabernacle Choir sing. He loves music and I thought it was really cute of him.

That is all I have to report today. I am slowly trying to formulate a plan on getting my house back into order. A week of sickness really wreaks havoc on a little home! Gonna have to break down and get out my Flylady book! She would be so shocked~I can't even find my kitchen sink! Not to mention that "school" has consisted of 4 days of Magic School Bus books and videos. That's not too terrible, but we do have some catching up to do now.



jamiegodwin said...

LOved the pictures Till Joseph I loved the BAth one that was really cute. Love you Guys

Shauna said...

I love the goggles picture, too. So cute! I'm a flybaby, as well. I found Flylady a few years ago and it has made a world of difference in our home. I'm glad that you are all on the mend. Take care.