Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Day in Seattle

One of our favorite things to do on Travis's day off is go to Seattle. We do the same thing every time. We go have a cheeseburger at Dicks Drive-In first. Then we drive over to West Seattle and the kids play in the sand and throw rocks into Puget Sound on Alki. Then we drive around the city, by the waterfront. To top it off we find a McDonald's and get a chocolate chip cookie. It's a lot of fun and no one has gotten tired of it yet! Today I took some pictures of our little excursion. I should have taken a picture of Dicks (because it is a Seattle original), but I will next time we go! (by the way, is anyone surprised by the lovely gray tint to the city?)
Connor throwing rocks
Joseph and Travis
Playing in the sand(that is Spencer's "Sunny Mountain")
A beautiful purple tree and wind blown Dawn

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