Monday, April 16, 2007

Let's get started!

So, after following about a dozen or so family and friends blogs for the past year, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start our own. We have a computer filled with pictures to share and the kids are always coming up with something interesting.

We have had small colds the past few days and haven't gotten out much, but, some exciting news~the daisy seeds that we planted last week are beginning to sprout! We did have them inside in a pot, but the boys were getting very discouraged because they couldn't see the seeds growing, so we put the pot outside on the deck. A watched pot doesn't...grow.

Travis started his new assignment today working Customer Service instead of Logistics. I really think he loved doing logistics and freight, but he's really great with people so I think this change will be good for him. I know it will be good for the store. They need some serious improvement up front. I know Travis will be able to help them. Not just because he's my husband, but because of his experiences at Target. Joseph wanted to know today if he could go get a job at Kohl's like Daddy. I told him that when he gets to be a teenager, Daddy will be a big shot Regional guy for Kohl's (that's called positive thinking) and would definitely hire him~BUT~Joseph will have to know how to read well and know his numbers and math well first. Reading lessons have never gone better than they did today.

Well, it sounds like The Magic School Bus is over, so I better go out and get busy cleaning and watching my children.

As a side note, I'm sure we are not alone in saying that our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in todays shooting at Virginia Tech. Why such awful things can happen, I'll never know.

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