Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Today Spencer is 5 years old! It doesn't seem like that many years have passed. Seems like yesterday I went in to have him. I had a nurse that didn't believe anything that I told her and then regretted it greatly in the end. (ie. I told her my water broke, she said it didn't, but when they went to break my water, it wasn't there!!! Oh, and when I said that he was coming out and they said no he's not and then looked down and...guess what?...he was coming out!!!) It was an adventure.
Today is a small celebration. He opened his birthday cards from family members (thanks everyone) and I took him to Fred Meyer and he got to pick out something special for lunch. He chose corndogs and Ho-Ho's. We are going to have an official b-day party Wednesday with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson with the gifts and cake etc., so we stacked the hoho's up and stuck a candle in it for him today. He also got to talk to Grandma Teese on the phone this morning, but he really just giggled at her. My kids aren't very big on talking on the phone. So, Thursday I will post some pictures and the report on his goods he got from his party.

This weekend Travis had the weekend off, so we went back to Seattle because it was a gorgeous day there! About 60 degrees, sunny. Here are a couple of pictures of us doing practically the exact same thing, but in the sun. Please take note of how sunny and beautiful the city looks compared to my last post.

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