Monday, November 26, 2007

Check out this brood! All of my siblings live within a half days drive from Mom and Dad now that they moved to Atlanta. So, for Thanksgiving, they all went to stay in Mom's big fancy house. They went and had their photo done and I wanted to share it. They dressed in color code, but the photographer arranged them according to size. Too bad we weren't there. Don't know what color we would have had though. Orange? Under the photo I'll give a brief rundown of who everyone is.
Mom and Dad in RED.
David & Stephanie's family is in BLACK. They have 4 kids. Emma, Ethan, Breanna, and David Jr.
Jamie & John's family is in WHITE. They have 6 kids. Devin, Mary, Jacob, Orrin, Kaylee, & Aidan.
Bobbie & Jeff's family is in BLUE. They have 2 kids. Mckenzie & Max.
Nate & Kristina are in GREEN. Braelinn is the cutie in front with the bow in her hair. They are expecting a baby boy in just over a month.

So that's everyone. 13 of the 16 grandkids. Pretty impressive bunch I would say. (o:

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