Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween and Other Stuff

I know, I know...where are the Halloween pictures! It's been an interesting week though. Joseph's cold that he had last week...well, he so kindly shared it with the entire family. Connor, who throws up during a hang nail attack, got the fever and threw up for 2 days. Spencer just had the fever for a day. I had a small fever and a lot of achiness for a day, Travis had no fever, but his has hit him in his chest. Now everyone is walking around sniffling and coughing, but I am seeing an upward trend in recent days. Needless to say, Halloween was not the usual crazy holiday for us. Connor passed out on the floor a half hour before we were supposed to go to the church for Trunk or Treat. We skipped the chili dinner and party before the treating because we didn't want the kids out for too long. I ended up taking Joseph and Spencer and Travis stayed home with Connor. (who, by the way, slept until the next day) 20 minutes was all it took for the boys to get their buckets filled. Then we came home, lit a fire in the fireplace and counted the loot.

Spencer was so sick the day before Halloween that he really did not care what he would dress up like. About an hour before we left, he decided he wanted to be a fire fighter just like Joseph (who has had his costume for a month!). We dug out an old hat, slapped a cut out badge on one of Daddy's red jackets and, ta-da, instant fire fighter. Then, the entire time we were getting the candy, people would comment on how cute my little firemen were, and Spencer would correct them all and tell them he's just a's just a costume...or...that on Halloween he can dress up to be whatever he wants, but he's still just a kid. He's quite a character, I'll give him that. (o:

So, below are a couple of pictures of that night. The cute little butterfly princess is Janina. She is our neighbor and the only girl in Joseph's primary class. She is also the girl Joseph has announced he is going to marry in the Temple some day. Brother!

In other news, I have now been officially working at Kohl's for two days. Travis got to do the orientation that I was in. Kinda fun being at work with him for 4 hours. Last night he stayed home with the kids and I went in on my own. I was supposed to do mostly computer training, but the admin gal didn't get my info into the computer, so that didn't happen. I was on my feet all 7 hours recovering the aisles and changing out signs. It was fun and very nice to know so many of my new co-workers. Some people just called me Travis's wife, or Mrs. Travis, or one even called me the lady that bakes the cookies. (o: I go in again tonight at 8:30 and work until 1am. I'll be tired tomorrow for sure! Hopefully I don't fall asleep in church. They'll have to nudge me when it's time to get up and lead the music in Sacrament meeting.

Okay~have tons to do before going off to work, so I'll leave you with those pictures.

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