Monday, November 12, 2007

My Co-Workers

I promised I would put up some pictures from work. I took the camera and after we finished with our sets I started snapping pictures. Our boss, Tammy, threw us a little thank you party for all of our hard work that week. Almost half of the team is brand new and we were able to have the store looking really great for our Corporate visit. So, here are some pictures of my new friends. (o:
This is my boss, Tammy. Notice the signs in her hand. That is what we place all night long. Signs like those. So, next time you go to Kohl's, look at the price signs that look like those and think of me. (o:

This is Patricia and Tran. Tran has been at the store since it opened and did a lot of training with me. She's the best in the business!This was taken in the main office. Travis sees a whole lot of this office, since it is where the upper management has their desks. Oh~notice the sign that says sale on the desk there? That's ours. Christy is the one standing, Barb in front. Barb was my first trainer. She is going to be leaving us to work days in shoes soon. We'll miss her. Christy is one of the happiest people I know. Her positive attitude is extremely contagious!

Here we are having our little party. It was 11pm at this time. Great time of day to have a party! (o: We were actually getting ready to leave very early. Every other night I have worked I have not left there before 1:30am. We were gone by 11:30 that night.

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