Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey, Snow, and Black Friday

Thanksgiving was good. Travis's dad came over and we had quite a feast. Then, we borrowed his PT Cruiser while he took a nap and we drove the boys up to Snoqualmie all the way up to the summit to see some snow. There was a tiny drop, as you will see in the pictures. It was very cold up there. Then we came home, lit a fire in the fireplace and had egg nog. Very nice. Then, I got up at 2:30am to get ready to go to work on Black Friday. The store opened at 4am and I have never seen such a huge crowd of sleepy looking crazy shoppers. For the most part it was a lot of fun. The lines were insane and I got to be the lucky line control person. I made a lot of new friends while standing around the line and I even made a couple of enemies, cause, well, you know, going to a huge sale with a thousand other people at the same time~I can totally see the surprise at the long line! Brother! I came home at 1:30, and Travis left at 1:32. He got home 12 hours later. It was a very interesting day.

I have a few pictures below of our fabulous holiday. Hope yours was great as well!
The famous Butterball!! It was good, but it really did just taste like turkey. (o:
Here they are, eating their yummy dinner. It was very informal this year.
The family picture we took while playing up on the summit.
Very cold little boys.
Just playing around.
Trying to get Connor to handle the snow. He said it was too cold!
This is the scene from the summit. The mountain on the right is the one Travis and his dad call the Matterhorn cause it looks like our favorite Disney ride mountain. (don't ya think?)

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Shauna said...

I love the pictures! The mountains are gorgeous! Your little family picture is so cute. I also enjoyed seeing the big family photo of the rest of your family. Wow. You've got quite the crew! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Black Friday! :0)