Thursday, November 15, 2007

Connor and his Big Boys

So, Connor just turned 3 and potty training is only half-way done. Not really a big deal to me because Joseph refused to potty train until he was 4 1/2 and that was a HUGE struggle. I have learned that it's not worth it to force or fight it. We all grew up to poop and pee in the toilet eventually, so I'm not concerned. What I am concerned with, though, is Connor's half naked self running around half the day. Every time he goes to the bathroom (which is a lot lately cause he gets so much satisfaction from us cheering when he goes) he takes off his pants and his pull-up or big boys and then doesn't bother to put them back on. So, he runs around the house with a cute little naked butt and there is a big old pile of pull ups and little Cars underwear in the bathroom. (Most of which, are dry!) Right this very moment his is jumping on the mini-trampoline naked and singing! First of all, I admire his self confidence in his own body. Won't catch me running around and jumping on trampolines naked. YUCK! (o: Needless to say, Connor has taken a different approach to this whole potty training thing than both of his brothers. I just love seeing the differences of each of my children. They all have such unique personalities. It's so fun to watch. Joseph is our oldest so he is always concerned for everyone and kinda bossy, but very loving. Spencer, our middle child, is quiet, loves to do things by himself, and is very dreamy. Connor is the happiest kid you'll ever meet. He is extremely curious and loves making huge messes, but is always happy. The best part is they are each others best friends. They get along so well. That's my proudest accomplishment yet. I'm sure it won't last forever, but I can hope.

Gotta go fix some lunch and then we are going to the library. Joseph and Spencer both have their own library cards now, so we are going to go pick up some of the things they picked out that we put on hold. Everyone have a super Thursday!

Oh! And Happy Birthday to Travis's mom~Deone! Her birthday is tomorrow. We love her very much!

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