Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Tired!

I know that my postings are scarce right now, but I have a good reason. I'm exhausted! I started my new job last week at Kohl's. I love it! I think it's fun and the people I work with are super nice. I really enjoy working alone in an area. The quiet is very nice. Plus, I work from 7-1am. The store closes at 10 or 11 (depending what day it is), so for a couple of hours, I am working with no customers around. Half the store lights are off, and the music is playing overhead. It's actually quite relaxing. With that being said, though, getting to bed at 2:30am and then having to get up at 6 or 7...that is beginning to wear. Today I turned on the tv, and told the kids I was taking a nap and to just play quietly or watch tv. I curled up on the couch and took a pretty good little nap, but now I have a house to clean, school to teach, and children who want something other than pbj's to eat...with less time to do it in since I slept away some of my precious time. I am only working 3-4 days a week though, so I will be able to catch up a little this weekend. The worst parts of the job is 1.Having to say goodbye to the boys every night. 2. Never getting to see Travis. I told him that his co-workers have seen more of him than I have this week. One other good thing though, is that I am walking and standing for 7 hours at a time. My body is very sore, but I have to be earning a lot of activity points! I'll be seeing a nice drop in my weight soon.

In kid news~the boys have been doing well adjusting to having me gone and their dad home at night. They have established a couple of little routines while I'm gone. Spencer has been having lots of fun in the evenings learning new games on, or Joseph has been busy designing and building new play areas for Fluffy. (yes, he's still alive!) They both are really coming along with their reading in school. Joseph especially loves spelling. He's always excited when it's time to do a spelling test and he tries to help Spencer. I keep telling him it's a test, so no cheating, but he insists that he's just being a nice big brother. We have the same problem with Math though. Spencer is always telling Joseph the answer. At least they are working together. Connor has decided that the greatest toy in the world is my vacuum cleaner. He pushes it around and makes the motor sounds. Then he detaches the hose and puts the long attachments on and pretends to get in all the corners. I'm hoping he doesn't break the thing, but he has so much fun with it and thinks he's being so helpful! One day soon I'm going to see if he'll "play" with it while it's plugged in and turned on. (o:

Finally~Travis. He's doing really well at work. Just today he sent me an email that a customer
sent to Kohl's headquarters complimenting him by name at what a wonderful customer service person he is. I'm very proud of him! Hopefully this will help him get an Executive spot after the holidays. We just had a visit from some big wig Corporate people yesterday and they said nothing but good about Travis's area.

Okay, that's about all I can muster up out of my brain. Maybe this weekend I will be able to do some longer posts. I think I'll take my camera tonight and snap some pictures of my co-workers. They are really great. I have a fabulous boss~Tammy. She's nice, but doesn't mess around. My favorite kind of leader! So~see ya later everyone!

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