Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Turkey

Why is it so super exciting to go buy a big, frozen solid, dead bird? And why does it have to be so hard to find just the right one? Yesterday I took the boys over to Fred Meyer to do our Thanksgiving dinner shopping. We grabbed a pumpkin pie (usually I make a sugar free-crustless one, but with the fact that I'll be working the night before~store bought will have to do), we got the stuffing mix, we got the cranberry sauce. Then we headed over to get our turkey. Now, most stores have this little deal. Freddies is no different. Spend a certain amount of money, get your turkey for dirt cheap. But, it has to be a specific type of turkey~usually the store brand. I have always said~hey, a turkey's a turkey, right? Well, last night we went over to the freezer section and there were NO TURKEYS! Well, there were plenty of expensive ones that were on sale for $1.40 a pound, but none of my precious turkeys that I would be able to get for 39cents a pound!!! I rang the little meat guy bell. Out came the meat guy. Sorry~we're all out. I begged him to please tell me that they were doing substitutes. He said talk to a manager. So off I went with my three boys, a cart full of food, searching for a manager. Never found one. I asked a cashier and she told me I would have to bring in my receipt early the next morning and hope that I could snatch up one of the special turkeys. But the meat guy said there wouldn't be anymore! Oh, well, you better still try. That was her answer. Well, we still needed all that other stuff, so I just as well go pay for it and try to figure out what we would do. See, my freezer's not big enough to go get the turkey weeks in advance. I thought 4 days would be good enough. Apparently that's what everyone else thought. We went to pay. The cashier~who's name is Mila and who we have always really liked~told me that they were substituting turkeys and the other cashier didn't know what she was talking about. Guess what they brought me as a substitution. A Butterball! (a $34 one and I paid $8.19!!~I paid more for the 2 Duraflame logs!!) I've always wanted to try a Butterball, but they were way too expensive, and a turkey's a turkey, right? Well, I guess that's only a theory when the only thing you get is the store brand. A justification or something. But now, I have a 21 pound Butterball in my refrigerator! I'm so excited!

So, that was our turkey buying excitement. I wasn't able to get any egg nog cause they were sold out and my turkey bags were gone too, so I'll have to send Travis out on a turkey bag hunt for me tomorrow, but otherwise, I am all set to go. Travis's parents were supposed to come to dinner, but Travis's only living grandparent, Grandma Peterson (who is 92) is pretty much in the last days of her life, so Travis's mom is down in Utah to be with her mom. We will have his dad over though. We always have a good time with him.

The only draw back to anything as far as me and turkey day is I have to work the night before and then I have to be to Kohl's at 3:30am to be ready to greet all those insane shoppers that will breaking down our doors at 4am!

Better go. Connor just made his own toast. This is a first. Better go make sure the house doesn't explode!

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Shauna said...

Mmmmmmmm, Butterball turkey! That sounds really good. I've been checking up on you faithfully, but haven't been so good about commenting. It sounds like your job is good (though tiring). I don't know how you work all night and then mother and school all day. You are tough! Take it easy and don't get sick from all your long hours. And enjoy that turkey!