Monday, February 18, 2008

Brown Bears

This weekend we had a couple of sunny days, so we took the boys out for drives and did the most exciting thing in the universe~Went through a car wash!!!! It was just the one at the Shell station by our house. We took pictures while we went through it. Extremely exciting! Joseph's greatest ambition in life is to own an entire chain of Brown Bear Car Washes one day. One of the trips that we have to make when we go on our little excursions is to visit the Brown Bear in Seattle. Just between the city and Ballard they have a very large car wash. It has fancy flashing lights and lots of curtain brushes. It's very exciting. We took the camera with us and recorded the car wash running so that we can watch it over and over at home. (o: Joseph is working at saving all of the money he earns to pay to go to this very fancy car wash and wash our car. Here is a picture of him and the bears at the Seattle car wash.

Travis has really wanted to snap a picture of our family with the city behind us for a while. Yesterday we went for a nice little Sunday evening drive. I carry the camera with me in my purse, so he hurried and snapped this photo while the sun was still out. It was almost sunset. He was so cute. Once he decided to do it, we couldn't get to the photo spot quick enough. Of course the draw bridge had to go up and there was an accident on one of the side roads, but we made it and it turned out very nice. I especially liked how the sun reflected off of his Seahawk shirt. Kinda cool. (the Hawks are kind of heavenly) (o; For all of you out there who think it is nothing but rain here~there you go. Beautiful!!!

In other topics, here is a picture of Nate and his family. Don't get many of those, so I have to brag when I do. Aren't they all so cute! Also, I will not be posting about my other brother and about the far away place that he is because it's just not safe. (hence the deletion of all pictures of him in that place) We still love him lots and support him entirely!


Stephanie said...

WOW! You guys all look great in your pictue! I love your hair! Daivd said thank you and that he loves you. He knows how much you guys support him. Love you all!

Heidi said...

It is so fun to be able so see updates of your family. I do miss those beautiful sunny days in Seattle even though they are few and far between. You look wonderful by the way. I love you hair too!

Shauna said...

I third the hair comments. SO CUTE! I'm glad you are all feeling a bit better. It's no fun to be sick!

curly girl said...

What an awesome family picture. Perfect setting. Haven't these past days been a GIFT? I needed the sun SO badly!

The carwash fascination makes me smile. I'm assuming he's seen that episode of Calliou? My girls haven't ever been through an automatic one and would be similarly enthusiastic, I think, if given that kind of thrill!

And you don't have to answer here, but you've really got me curious about your brother? Witness Protection? CIA? Iraq? Working for one of Kohl's competitors?