Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Tag

So, apparently, my little cousin Heidi tagged me. I've dreaded being tagged cause it looks like a lot of work, but this is a nice and small one that provides a fair amount of information, so I will happily oblige. I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but I don't know that many people that have their own blogs, so if you read this and you have a blog, tag yourself. (o:

Okay~here goes.

10 years ago....Travis and I were living with his parents. His sister had passed away not even a year before. I was working at KinderCare and wondering if I would ever have any kids of my own. (it only took 3 more years)

5 Places I've Lived...Aberdeen ID, Fort Lee VA, Hanscom AFB MA, St. Peters MO, Rexburg ID, and currently, Kent WA. (I know, that's more than 5~and I even left out a couple)

5 Things on my List to do Today...1. Start reading Stuart Little to the boys 2. Do 3 pages in boys math workbooks 3.Clean the living room 4. Do laundry 5. Go to work

5 Jobs I've had...1. "worked" at the Experiment station, only I think we enjoyed ourselves too much~at least the first half of the summer. Once I started working in the wheat part, we worked hard~but I sure had fun learning all songs from Les Mis the first half. (Thanks Shauna~I still think of you when I hear Eponine sing) (o: 2. Worked 2 summers at Wendy's 3. Teacher/Supervisor at KinderCare 4. Receptionist for California Closets 5. Adset Team at Kohl's

10Years from now... I will not be working at Kohl's. (o: Travis will be a District Manager for them though. (and 46!) I will be totally stressing out trying to get Joseph graduated from high school and trying to learn all the high school math before I teach it to Spencer. (can we say tutor for the teacher) Connor will be terrorizing everyone still. I forsee three strapping Young Men wrestling, belching, and farting. I see myself in the center of it all loving every minute. (o:

That's all. So, I know Shauna and Stephanie have blogs and read mine. What ya say girls? Tag, you're it? (o:

Real quick in other news~we went to the library yesterday to see what the ducks were up to since spring is right around the corner. We got to see some serious dating going on. Male ducks were chasing each other around and quacking their dominance. It was interesting. I took a cute picture of the boys, so here it is.

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