Friday, February 8, 2008

Connor Update

For those of you who have asked how Connor is doing~I took him to the doctor today. He has a nice little ear infection. The doctor said that he probably had some infection in his body, just looking for a nice place to settle. It finally picked a spot. He hasn't ever complained about his ear hurting, so I think we caught it in pleanty of time. He and I went and got him some of the good old pink medicine. He has had two doses of it already and he seems to be feeling better. It's 11pm and he's still awake and looking happier than he has in a while. (thanks antibiotics) (o:

As for the rest of us~we are doing okay. This cold was a nasty one, but we are all finally looking to shake it for good. (especially now that we have Connor getting treated) So, thanks to everyone for asking and showing concern.

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