Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mr. Carwash

Okay, I know that I already posted today, but I took this picture of Joseph and I had to post it. He even posed! He's such a crack up. Plus~do ya love the outfit? The joys of homeschooling. He couldn't find a clean pair of jeans (cause I've been washing bedding), so he put on pajama bottoms. Hey, at least he's covered!

Joseph has been fascinated with car washes for years. He has always said he wants to work in one. Down in the valley (we live on the hill), they are building a brand new Brown Bear Carwash at the Chevron station. Joseph has been loving watching the whole process. The other day, he went with his dad to gas up the car and he went over to get a closer look at the work they are doing inside the wash. A nice man, we believe the manager in charge of the building of it, came out and talked to Joseph. He told Joseph all about what was in the different boxes that were there and Joseph got to ask some questions. He was, in his words, thrilled. Yesterday we drove over to look at the progress and got to watch them weld some of the inside parts. Fabulous! So, needless to say, in true Joseph form, he has talked non-stop about Brown Bear car washes. He has decided that when he grows up, instead of working in one, he wants to own a whole chain of them so he can have lots to visit and watch. Sounds good to me. In the playroom, he has also constructed his own car wash for his animals vehicles to pass through. He used old Kohl's signs Travis brought home, towels and a squirt bottle. The Kohl's signs are a kind of styrofoamy plasticy kind of material, so it doesn't soak up water. Anyway, that is what the picture is all about. Oh, and to the right of him is the train table. Full of elaborate car washes, gas stations and fast food joints that they have built. I'm a cool mom cause I let them draw on their lego's to help make them more authentic looking and Travis is the cool dad that prints them logo signs to hang.
There you have it. Our creative child who wants to be a car wash trillionare. (o:

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