Saturday, March 29, 2008


With all my ranting about the snow, I failed to mention the goings on of the boys. Here are a couple of pictures of them and their latest adventures.
First we have Joseph. Wednesday he tripped over a toy, fell, and hit his right hand on the toy as he was falling. He went to the doctor on Thursday because his fingers were all crooked. The doctor said he's pretty sure nothings broken but he thinks when Joseph hit his hand he caused trauma to his tendons that run the pinky and ring finger. He said it should heal up on its own, but if we see no improvement in a week we have to bring him in for x-rays. It doesn't hurt him and his only complaint is that his fingers look all weird. He was happy to hear that he should slow down on writing. ie MATH! (o;

Spencer lost his other front tooth. It happened while I was at work. (seems like everything happens while I'm at work!) Some of you may remember that he lost his first front tooth four years ago when it met with the concrete at Grandma Nelson's. He had to have it pulled. The dentist said it wouldn't grow back in until he was about 7! He turns 6 in a month, so we are hoping that when the one that just fell out starts to grow back in, it will inspire the other to do the same.
Lastly, Connor. While I was showering this morning Connor was busy "getting ready" to go to the store. (we aren't going to the store by the way) I peek out to see what he is doing and he is putting his dads deodorant on under his arms. His face looked like this. So, before I got out my mega heavy duty makeup remover (cause that's waterproof mascara on his cheeks) I took the picture. He is such a handful, but so cute and pretty innocent.
I really do love the adventures of having three boys!

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