Monday, March 17, 2008

The Library

I took the boys, as promised, to the newly redone Covington Library. It is part of the King County Library systems. (one of the best in the country) It is an interesting lay out. There is a lot of room for the boys to run around in~not the best for a library, but they also have lots of big, comfy chairs and tables and even a little nook with a cute little fireplace. We got lots of cool books to look at and to read, including the Miss Nelson books. I don't know why I never read those to them before, but they think they are pretty funny. Especially the fact that we share Miss Nelson's name. Oh, and we got a book about a family named The Stupids. Joseph loves reading that one cause he is allowed to say stupid a lot and not get into trouble. (o:

We spent Saturday out looking at the last of the Brown Bear car washes in our entire half of the state I think. (o: The boys talked to some of the workers and got some video of one of the washes working. Joseph loves to ask questions and I think the workers enjoy answering them because he is so enthusiastic and makes them feel like they have the greatest jobs in the universe! The boys always get Brown Bear antenna ball things and air fresheners and even a color book when they go and talk to the people. I'm very proud of them for not being afraid to ask questions and learn. It's fun to make appointements with our kids to do fun things with them, even if it seems like the same old stuff. Joseph is already making plans for our next joint day off, which is Thursday. I'm sure it will have to do with car washes again, but I'll keep you posted! (o:

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. We went to church. My primary class was in charge of Sharing time. It went ok, but I'm glad it is done. Don't have to do another one until August. Not that I'm intimidated by doing it or anything, but when you have to teach and entertain a room full of 8-12 year olds during the last 20 minutes of a 3 hour church day, it is a challenge. Like I said, it went okay and I'm glad I'm done for a while. (o: Travis went home teaching and we read All the Presidents Men for a while. Pretty exciting, eh? It was really nice to have a quiet and relaxing day because Travis is back to work today and I have to work 3 days this week. Back to the old grind. (o:

Oh, and for all of those who have asked. My parents and Nate and Jamie are all fine. They did not get the tornado in their area. It kind of went between them I think because Jamie lives an hour south of mom and dad. My parents are north of Atlanta. I watched the news and they made no mention of anything happening near my family, so I didn't give it too much thought, but then I started getting people asking how my folks were and I realized I hadn't heard from them, so I contacted mom who said it was very scary weather where they were, but all was well.

Also, my brother that is in that place faraway being all brave and stuff~he is doing just fine. Please keep his wife and kids in your thoughts and prayers though. Things are really rough on them without David including the fact that they had to say goodbye to their sweet dog, Roze who they have had since they were first married. We love you guys!!!

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