Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Connor (SOS)

Travis jokingly and lovingly calls Connor the "spawn of Satan". (We even noticed that the acronym is SOS.) I'm afraid some days I have to agree. He is such a little turd sometimes~okay~a lot of times! But he's so darn cute all the time! He absolutely lives for making messes and defying most of what we tell him to do. (like stop making messes) But, he can be very helpful when we ask him to as well. Total contradiction~this kid. He goes to bed at about 7pm and is awake exactly 12 hours later. No compromise there. He stopped napping ages ago and he's only 3! His newest thing is taking all of his clothes off. I can not keep clothes on him. Whether he's wearing his underwear or a pull up, it doesn't matter. He has to show them off. I dress him and 5 minutes later there is he, naked again! Oh, but he likes to put his shoes on after he takes his clothes off. Go figure! As long as he has his favorite blanket and his thumb, he's happy. I took the above picture this morning after I got after him for tearing the guest bed (otherwise known as Grandma's bed) apart and making a huge mess~for the 10th time in two days. He ran in the living room with his favorite blanket and said, "Okay, I watch rocket and Einsteins now." Sigh!

Oh, and a very cute thing he said this morning. I was cleaning a big old piece of earwax out of his ear. I joke with the boys that they have bees and ants living in their ears because there is so much wax and dirt in there. So, I pulled the wax out and Connor said, "What's that?" I said, "Bees wax." and he said, "The bees put a booger in my ear!" He was so serious and cute! Makes the SOS not so bad. (o:

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Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

I can't believe you call my nephew a SOS. IT kind of funny though. That was cute. He look just like his mommy Or Maybe he got his good looks from his Aunt Jamie?