Friday, March 7, 2008

Toilets and Car Washes

Today we took the kids on yet another drive around the town. There is a Brown Bear Car Wash that we have been watching get built just down the hill in the valley. Today we went down to check its progress, and low and behold, it was finished and working!!! Travis decided that we should go through as a special surprise. Joseph was beside himself with glee when we told him. Now, even though he has this obsession (yes, it is an obsession) with car washes, he has always been afraid of going through them until recently. He has gotten braver and braver with each time through. Today he didn't close his eyes once and only plugged his ears for a moment. I took the picture of them when the "rainbow shampoo" as he calls it had completely engulfed our car. He looked a bit worried, but when it was over, he proudly proclaimed that that was the bravest he ever felt in a car wash. He has talked nonstop about it since and is in the living room building a car wash ~ new and improved for his toy cars. My boss at work told me to keep documenting all of this because when he does finally open his own chain, he can hang up pictures of himself as a child loving car washes~you know, show the customers that this really is a life-long passion. (o:

In other news, yesterday the boys and I went to the library, played on their mini kid computers and checked out some cool new books. (has anyone read the Mr. Putter and Tabby series? They are darn cute & Joseph loves them) Then we went on a walk all around old Kent. We stopped at some picnic tables and had a little picnic of sandwiches and apple slices, and then went over and visited the ducks back at the library. It was nice and sunny yesterday and has been that way for a while. Today it was cloudy and looked like rain. (good thing it didn't~I'd have been mad if our $$ car wash got ruined the same day!) We got a book called "Flush! :An Ode to Toilets" by Charlie Williams. It's about a boy who loves toilets except the scary one at the mall. It has hilarious illustrations and is just a silly book. The boys laughed so hard they cried when I read it to them. Then their dad read it to them. Again with the laughing. First thing I hear Spencer say this morning is~look, a remote control toilet! (burst into fits of laughter)(there is a picture of a "future remote toilet in the book). I love having boys! They are so fun! It cracks me up that a book about toilets can bring them such joy!
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the boys with their backpacks. We had just finished all our walking and were saying hello to the ducks. Please take note that Joseph carried his stuffed animals, Spencer had the food, and Connor had his favorite blanket. Funny kids!


Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

The kids look scarred were they? Look like a lot of fun my kids all ways love going to the car wash.

Shauna said...

I love the picture inside the carwash. That's classic! Joy is leaving Vegas this morning to drive up to Seattle. I think they are staying a few days with family in California, so they should be up there near the end of the week. Once she gets a number up there, I'll have to get you two together. Two of my best friends ever living in the same area! How fun!

Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

Can I Please get these pictures BiG dawn THe one of the boys by them self Thank you