Saturday, March 29, 2008

SNOW!!! and Dollar Tree

We in the Nelson family are really mad! It is almost April and it's SNOWING! It has snowed for 3 days! Not funny. At least it hasn't really stuck, but the snow really cut into our family plans yesterday. You see, in Seattle, we very rarely get snow in the winter. Here is it spring heading towards summer (okay, slight exaggeration there), and the snow is falling. People in Seattle can be really stupid drivers on a dry day~when it snows (and doesn't STICK), they are down right...down right...I can not think of a word that I could use that wouldn't get me in trouble with my parents. They are that stupid! Travis and I both had the day off yesterday so we were going to take the boys on our weekly drive. The boys asked if we could go to the 7-11/Jack in the Box in Ballard(yes, they are together in one building~hence the thrill and desire to go there), and get a hamburger and a gulp (big gulp for me). Sure! We start over there. Problem was, we could not get over there. The bridge was backed up forever, so we tried to go around the long way and that was backed up. People were acting like the snow was falling at the rate of a foot a minute. So, we told the boys that we wouldn't be able to go to the 7-11/Jacks and Joseph burst into tears because we promised and he is a very sensitive boy to things like being promised fun and then it getting taken away. We promised that we would go there on our next day off. Then we drove around just trying to find anyplace to feed our children. We decided on a Taco Time. The kids were thrilled because we never go there cause it's expensive, but considering the circumstances, it was worth it. Oh, and we stopped at a 7-11 and got them each a gulp.

To make up for it even more we also went to a Dollar Tree. They each got to choose 2 items. Connor chose balls and Joseph and Spencer chose craft items that they could use to make stoplights and car washes. (ie foam sheets, straws, popsicle sticks) This was Travis's first visit to a Dollar Tree. It was fun to watch his eyes. It's the same for everyone. (you walk in, eyes glaze over and you suddenly need everything you see.) He ended up getting packing tape, pencils, and super glue~all items needed to help make brushes for tiny car washes. (he makes the best!)

We came home and made several car washes. (I'll include photos sometime soon) Travis and I then read and enjoyed the rest of our quiet evening. (quiet because they were all in the playroom watching "The Muppets Take Manhatten" and playing car wash. Life turned out to be pretty good after all. (I still hate Seattle drivers in the snow!!!)
This is just a cute picture I took of Connor while we were in the car.

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