Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Clean Gene

I think that one of the biggest disservices that we can do for our children is to teach them indifference. Our boys are very loving and kind. They can be very passionate when it comes to subjects that they love. They are very protective of each other. But the one thing that I am afraid that Travis and I both taught our boys is that keeping a clean and tidy home isn't very important. Now, we are not slobs by any means, but neither Travis nor I inherited the clean gene. I do not know how I could have possibly missed out on it, but I did. My mom is the cleanest person I have ever met. I actually had a friend say back in high school that our house was like a museum! Mom has never been the healthiest person and she had 5 kids, yet our house was always sparkling. She credits her mom, but how come I didn't get it? My sister Jamie is a freak of nature too. (o: She has 6 kids and a very clean house. I would much rather curl up with a 900 page book than do the dishes any time. As long as the clothes are clean, does it matter that they are in the basket in the laundry room? Plus, I have Connor who is the complete antithesis of tidy. That child (remember his aka is SOS?) lives for making a mess. But, they are kids, right? Kids make messes, right? Well, when I say it's a clean up time and we start putting things away, these kids don't care. They don't care that I'm ready to throw every toy on the floor out the window. They feel it is a tremendous feat to have to pick up every single lego and that I am just so unfair for daring to even ask. "Besides, as soon as we pick it all up, we are going to need to dump it out again because we need certain shapes and colors." Sigh. They have a point there, but this is my fear. I have no daughters. Chances are good I never will, so I want my boys to go out into the world (a long time from now) and find a sweet young girl to marry that I can call daughter. (my in-laws say I'm just like a daughter)My fear is that after they marry they will discover that my boys are slobs and be very mad at me and then I will not have any daughters who will think I'm the most fabulous mother in the universe. (o: So, with that at risk, I think I will now go and dust off all those parenting books that we bought ten years ago and see if they have any ideas on how pack rat, easy going parents can teach their children that a clean house is super fun! Wish me luck on that. (o:

In other news~much more cheerful (sorry that I was kinda whiny up there), Grandma came over to stay. Travis's mom used to come over and spend one night a week with a us. A little mini-vacation of sorts I suppose. She had surgery last month, though and hasn't been able to come over. Plus, my work schedule has been as such that we have had a hard time coordinating dates. But this week we worked it out and grandma got to come over. The boys took her in the playroom and we didn't see them for almost 2 hours. They talked her ear off and showed her things they had made and just couldn't get enough of her. I fear for my parents when they come to visit. It's only been a couple of months with Grandma Deone, it's been 3 years with my parents! (o: Needless to say that we had a great time with her. Yesterday we took her to our new favorite place in the universe~Dollar Tree. Good old dollar store. I had to pick up some stuff for Travis for Kohl's, so we all went and I'm afraid that mom is now hooked like we are. She didn't have anything to buy when she went in, but in about one second of walking through the doors, she realized she needed so many things that she filled her cart. I told you there is a spell about that place!

Okay, so enough for today. When I sat down I thought I didn't have anything to say. Hey~everyone who knows me~STOP LAUGHING at that statement. (o: Have a super fabulous day!


Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

That is so funny. Well tell them they can come spend 1 week with Aunt Jamie and they will be clean freaks like me. :)
We do play a game where we make medals and they have to see who can clean each room up the fastest for each room some one get a medal. They love it and the hose get all picked up. So everyone in the house is happy. I also give them a cookie or candy to go along with the medal. Just an idea you can try if you don't want to send them to me for a week.
Love you

Shauna said...

Ahh, the coveted clean gene. If only I'd been born with it, too. The only thing that has saved me is Fly Lady. And the House Fairy for the kids. I didn't buy her program, but if they kids get their rooms clean and organized, I give the House Fairy a call and she comes and leaves them a little note and a treat while they sleep. She has brought them each a piece of gum, or a sucker. Sometimes she brings coupons for the dollar store. She doesn't come every time their room is clean, just often enough to keep them on their toes.

I've found if I say, "Go clean your rooms. I'll set the timer" (Fly Lady's method) I get groans and crying. If I say, "Oooo, you better go get your rooms clean, cause I made an appointment with the House Fairy for tonight! If your room is messy, she'll just leave again and won't leave a treat!" then they are all over getting their rooms nice and tidy.

Just a suggestion. Good luck with the parenting! :0)