Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer!

April 30th, 2002, Spencer William Nelson was born. Here are a few pictures to honor our little rubber man. We love you Spencer!
Spencer was my first bald baby. Elizabeth is my second. Good thing they had nice heads. (o:
This picture does him no justice. Spencer has hyper mobility. (he's very double jointed). When he was a little baby he would hold his bottle with his feet and play with a toy with his hands or hold a toy over his head with his feet and play with it with his hands. Here is a picture of him using his leg as an easel. He's still very flexible and is actually a bit delayed in his gross motor skills, but my sister Jamie had the same condition as a child and she turned out to be an okay/normal adult. (well...normal might be a strong word~right Jamie~teehee) (that's a baby Connor I'm holding there)

I love this picture. Look at those cute little (big) Nelson cheeks!!!! And the giant Nelson pumpkin head! He was so adorable!
I just liked this picture because it showed what a happy baby he was. So super easy going.
I LOVE the hair in the picture! I have no idea who that is he's sitting by. I thought it was Joseph, but his hair seems so dark, but you never know. I'm already sounding like an old woman who can't even recognize her own children.
Anyway, Happy Birthday buddy! We are so proud of what you have become in just 7 short years and look forward to watching you grow until you are old~like a hundred. (o:


Rachael said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Spencer!!

TaCalone said...

I hope you had a GREAT Birthday Spencer. I'm sorry you weren't home when I called. I love you so much and miss you so much! Write me a letter!
love you most
Grandma Teese