Monday, April 13, 2009

Lots to Report

So, here are a ton of pictures of the last week. I don't have time to go into too much detail, but I did do a little captioning.

Here is when they were all working hard to plant a little garden in Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's back yard. After we got about half way done, Spencer and Connor kind of flamed out and just wanted to play.
It's been many years since there was a garden there, so we had to dig up the grass and then fertilize the dirt. It was a hard job. Joseph got hot so he took off his shirt.
Elizabeth just watched with Grandma Deone.
The final product. Spencer made the little signs that marked what is where.
Since I refused to allow my photo to be taken all bent over (hello~huge butt) gardening, here is a nice little photo of me in my fancy $5 glasses from Wal-Mart. (It was right before the gardening)
Joseph holding Elizabeth while I prepared all the egg dyes.
Joseph and Spencer writing on their eggs.
Connor's finished coloring. Next he will use a marker to draw on his eggs (and his face).
We watched. (Mom, do I look tired?)
I love the casual way Travis is coloring the eggs. Notice his hand in his pocket?
My little beauty!
Joseph got a Monster Jam game for the computer...that didn't work! It said for Vista, which is what we have, but it still doesn't work. He was bummed. We're working on finding something to make it up to him.
Spencer got a notebook and pens.
Connor got a bug catching kit. Like his orange punch mustache and permanent marker beard?
Elizabeth's first Easter basket. A chocolate bunny and more headbands!
Elizabeth in her Easter dress. I didn't take a picture of the boys cause they just wore their white shirts and ties like when she was blessed (and most every other Sunday), plus, we were running around like crazy trying to get to church.
She likes her new dress.


Mistie said...

Looks like Easter bunny was good to everyone. your little princess looks very beautiful in her Easter dress. The boys look like they had a ball coloring eggs ~ most of all Connor hahahaha. Great pictures and I hope everyone had a Great Easter!

Mistie :0]

Shauna said...

Would you all like to please come to my house and dig a garden for me now? I would be very appreciative. Please. :)

Jamie said...

Happy Easter, I hope you guys had a good one. Looks like you did. Elizabeth look just like Spencer. I can't belive it. What a cutie, Thanks for all the great pictures I loved them all.

Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

I just love reading about your family--you guys do such neat things together. You guys should star in a church video :)