Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing New

This week has been very low-key. I really have nothing to blog about, but I just can't go another day without writing something.

Travis has worked all week except for Thursday, so we haven't gone anywhere most of the week. We were supposed to go to his folks on Thursday to check on the garden and help pull weeds. But, Thursday night Connor said he didn't feel too well. He had a 102.8 fever. Woke up in the morning still with a fever, plus, Elizabeth had a low grade fever as well. So, we stayed home Thursday. Travis took Joseph and Spencer over to the church and let them run around in the gym while he updated records (he's assistant ward clerk, in charge of membership records). Then they went to Fred Meyer and picked up a few things for me, including Children's Ibuprofen. Connor woke up this morning feeling tons better. He never got more than a little sniffle to go with his fever. Same with Elizabeth. I'm grateful for that.

So, today Travis closes and leaves at 2:30. I'll be spending the evening polishing my lesson for tomorrow (I teach the 11 year olds in church), and putting away the giant mountain of laundry that I just washed. Pretty excited, eh? (o: Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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TaCalone said...

so happy the kids are much better. I was worried!
love you most
mom kiss the kids for me